Will you be traveling this summer?

Dental care tips for your summer vacation!

Dental care tips for your summer vacation!

Is your dental routine a top priority while you travel?
Here are some dental care tips for your summer vacation!!

* Keep your toothbrush dry! Give your toothbrush a break from your travel bag. A wet toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria.

* If you use a toothbrush holder try and purchase one with holes that allows for ventilation. A tightly sealed holder will lock in moisture which will allow for bacteria to grow.

* Travel small! They make foldable toothbrushes and mini brushes. Compact floss, mouthwash and toothpaste are not only easy to pack but you can also put them in your carry on! If you are on a long flight you will be able to keep up with your oral hygiene!

* If you forgot any of your oral hygiene needs just remember, airports will have these items available to purchase at the airport you depart from and arrive to! There really is no excuse not to pick them up! Also, grocery stores, drug stores, and retail stores such as target all carry these items if you realize once you have gotten to your destination that you forgot some things at home!

* If you are traveling to a destination that suggests you do not drink the tap water do not use it to brush your teeth. Use the water you drink with. Bottled water is a great option!

* Lastly, stick to your oral hygiene routine all vacation!


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