What is the importance of having an Oral Surgeon in General Practice?


General dentists are trained to perform so many aspects of dentistry but sometimes a case presents itself and needs to be referred to a specialist. Having a list of referring specialists is a great network to have for your practice and your patients. Some offices are lucky to house the specialist within their general office. This makes treatment for the patient easier and more convenient.
The SmilePlace is excited to announce that we have added Dr Jay Kim to our staff. He is a board- certified oral surgeon.
Oral surgery is a completely separate discipline from general dentistry. While both focus on oral health, a dentist helps patients with preventive care and an oral surgeon sees more complex and invasive procedures.
In such a short time in our practice, Dr. Kim has made such an impression on our patients.

Case Study

26 year old male presented with a odontogenic cyst found during a new patient examination. The patient was new to our practice; like each each new patient, he received a comprehensive oral exam along with full series of X-rays.
During his intra-oral evaluation alongside with radiographs, Dr. David Rothstein discovered an odontogenic cyst that appeared to have compromised the health of the patient’s front teeth.
We were able to get this patient right over to our Middletown office for a consultation with Dr Kim and a cone beam scan( 3d image to show more details of the jawbone).
Dr. Kim stated it was a tooth- origin benign cyst or tumor but would know more once the area had been biopsied.

Patient Testimonial:

“Dr. Kim and the entire staff at the SmilePlace made feel welcomed and safe. The entire facility is spotless, and they took every precaution to ensure my safety and everyone around me. I have an upcoming surgery and Dr. Kim did an awesome job explaining what he was going to be doing and had no problem answering any questions I had. Unfortunately I’m going to be getting a a tooth extraction due to this growth in my jaw bone, but they have come up with a plan to make sure they only do what is necessary! I have never had surgery and Dr. Kim has really put my mind at ease. Thank you Dr. Kim and Staff.”

The SmilePlace team was able to facilitate this patient’s treatment because we have Dr. Kim on staff.
For more information, please contact our offices.
The SmilePlace Team

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