Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is this weekend and here are some things to consider during this fun holiday weekend…

➡️ Corn on the cob is a staple on Memorial Day however, be cautious while eating it! This delicious treat that will most likely get stuck in between your teeth. (Don’t forget to floss!)

➡️ Another favorite of Memorial Day (especially if it is hot out) is lemonade! As refreshing as lemonade is it has a lot of acid that can wear away at enamel if left to sit. (Don’t forget to brush your teeth!)

➡️ Beware of BBQ sauces because as delicious as they are they can be a hazard for your teeth! It is not only dark, which stains, but also sticky which is harder to get off your teeth.

➡️ Popsicles and slushees will be eaten this weekend. They are refreshing but the coloring that stains your tongue also stains your teeth!

The best way to combat all of this delicious holiday foods is to remember to brush and floss this weekend. Also, try and drink water through out the day. It will help wash debris away until you can do your nightly hygiene routine 😬

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