Keep your Smile Healthy

Keep your Smile Healthy

A few things you can do this summer to help keep your smile healthy…..

Keep you with your oral hygiene routine Brush, floss, and rinse 2x a day. It is likely that you will consume more sugary foods and drinks as the weather gets warmer so good oral hygiene is especially important to keeping your teeth healthy this summer!

Drink water! Drinking water is not only important for your over all health but also your oral health!! When you are dehydrated your mouth does not produce as much saliva and saliva is what helps wash away bacteria which prevents plaque from building up.

Eat healthy foods! Although barbecue foods are delicious most of them contain a lot of sugars which can lead to cavities.

Protect your lips! Have lip balm on hand with SPF to keep your lips not only moisturized but also protected from the sun.

Avoid chewing on ice! It is a popular way to stay cool on hot days however, this can cause serious damage to your teeth.

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