Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants

implentsOften times new patients will present to our office with many of their teeth very compromised. Many times these individuals present because they are ready to restore and improve their oral health. Frequently it is these patients first time seeing a dentist in many years. People often will present with a feeling of embarrassment often thinking they have “the worst mouth” or that we probably have never seen “teeth so bad”. This is the last thing we want these individuals to feel when coming to be seen at our office for the first time. Our clinical team encounters these patients regularly. We understand that sometimes life can be challenging. Everyone has their own personal struggles and sometimes one’s dental health is delayed or not the top priority. Over the course of time this can lead to a severe breakdown of the dentition, however we want people to know that there are always solutions and help can be provided.

A comprehensive exam with X-rays is the starting point for such individuals. At this visit you will get acquainted with our office staff. Additionally, a full evaluation will be completed to assess the health of the teeth and gums. The patient will start with a hygienist and also see one of our dentists. At this point the teeth will be assessed to see what needs to be done to restore health. For some individuals, the teeth may be able to be restored to a state of health. We always try to save and maintain teeth, however for some individuals the teeth and/or bone around the teeth are so compromised that no option is available besides removal.

In such situations one of or dentists will start discussing ways to replace the teeth. In partnership with our oral surgeon in our office, Dr. Jay Kim, a treatment plan will be devised. A consultation with our in office surgeon involves using some of the most advanced technology to obtain 3D imaging to assess the quantity and quality of jaw bone. This is necessary to formulate a plan that involves dental implants. Implants are an excellent way to secure and stabilize a dental prosthesis that will look like real teeth and also function like real teeth when chewing. For some situations it could be as minor as replacing an individual tooth. For other situations it may be as extensive as what we refer to as a full mouth rehabilitation. This treatment can replace all teeth on individuals that are already missing all their teeth or need to have all their teeth removed. Prosthesis that attach to implants can be designed to be removable daily to facilitate easier cleaning or permanently attached to the implants where the patient does not take them in and out, rather cleans around and under the appliance.

Each individual case often can vary in the amount of implants needed. These cases often can take many months from beginning to end but there are ways to ensure that patients will always have something to smile with and be comfortable with through healing phases.

These type of cases have the most success when the dentist making the prosthesis has excellent communication with the surgeon that removes the teeth and places the implants. Having a surgeon in our office helps facilitate the planning required for a predictable outcome.

If you may be interested give our office a call to see how we can help you!

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