Excess amounts of chocolate can linger in your home after Valentine’s Day and as delicious as they are try to limit your intake of sugary sweets. To avoid your teeth being combatted with sugars through out the day you can try to make it a one time a day treat for yourself! Maybe something that you enjoy after dinner 🍫

If you are going for chocolates the best kind are soft chocolates that melt away quickly. Chocolates that are chewy or that have a sticky middle with get stuck and linger on your teeth. The best time to indulge is after dinner since you should be sticking to your oral hygiene routine by brushing and flossing your teeth soon after 🪥

TIP ➡️ Water helps wash away the sugar on your teeth and it also produces saliva. Saliva is crucial for washing away sugars and bacteria! Stay hydrated 💧

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