Dental Cleanings!!!

Dental Cleanings!!!

Your dental cleaning should be every 6 months. Not only will your teeth be cleaned but it is also a thorough look inside of your oral cavity that allows our hygienists and dentists to catch any issues that they can assist you in getting under control before the problem worsens.

Listed below are some things to expect during your cleaning ⬇️

* Oral examination
* Profession flossing
* Plaque and tartar removal
* Rinsing
* Deep cleaning and polish
* Final check with the dentist
* X-rays (if they are due)

During the oral examination your hygienists will use a small mirror to inspect your teeth, gums and oral cavity for any signs of inflammation, decay, and other potential dental concerns. If there is anything to be concerned about the dentist will go over them with you in detail during the final check.

Prevention is key! ➡️ Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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