Consumption of Juice and Soda

Consumption of Juice and Soda

With the summer months coming the consumption of juice and soda intake may increase! 🥤🧃

Carbonated drinks are acidic which destroy teeth enamel by causing erosion. Carbonated drinks are the ones that people typically think of as harmful to the teeth, however they are not the only ones!! Energy drinks and fruit juices will also effect your teeth in a negative way. They not only have acidic content but they also contain sugar. The sugar in these drinks will feed the bacteria in your mouth which can cause tooth decay.

On top of causing your enamel to break down and causing tooth decay, these drinks might also cause temperature sensitivity and even stain your teeth. Try and cut down your daily intake. Even better would be to drink them occasionally! Water is the best drink for your overall health and your teeth this summer!! 💧👍🏼

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